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Steamer Cleaners uses the safest, eco-friendly, and green dry cleaning methods to maintain your garment’s integrity and lifespan. We use non-toxic, hypoallergenic, and odorless solvents that are as gentle to the earth as we are with your clothing. Steamer Cleaners in Sherman Oaks has been serving Los Angeles and the San Fernando Valley for over 30 years focusing on customer care at the forefront of what we do.


All of our dry cleaning professionals are trained, experienced, and knowledgeable about ensuring the best care for your wardrobe. The Steamer Cleaners management team has consistently maintained a high level of service, integrity and workmanship from the day Steamer Cleaners opened!

Steamer Cleaners is the proud winner of Best of LA, Los Angeles Magazine, SOS Go Green Club Community Recognition Award, Reader's Choice Award by LA Daily News and myfoxla for Best Dry Cleaner in Los Angeles. The business is known as a staple in Sherman Oaks and respected for its dedication to protecting and preserving the environment and continuously seeking ways to improve the products they use. 


Dry Cleaning 101: Dry cleaning is necessary to protect fabrics that would be damaged by the heat or water of your traditional washer and dryer and to remove stains that are not removed by a “wet” cleaning process, such as grease and oil. Heat and water can damage delicate fabrics by altering their structure during the cleaning process. 


Our dry cleaning process delicately cleans clothes and special fabrics (silk, cashmere, sequins) using a custom Steamer Cleaners solvent that contains little to no water to ensure it does not penetrate the fibers and keeps your clothes looking brand new.

What Our Customers Say

Brigitte Alanis

“Steamer Cleaner is the ABSOLUTE best in Los Angeles and I will not go anywhere else. The owners are so kind, helpful, and accommodating and not to mention that they complete everything so quickly and to the highest quality. I asked them to clean and press a bridesmaid dress with a same day turnaround and they did it perfectly and with no hesitation as to the timeline. I am extremely picky about where I take my clothes to get cleaned but this place is top notch. Never going anywhere else again!!!”

Sarah Schall

“Imagine a high tech castle filled with luxury cleaning services owned by an incredibly kind family who makes your wedding week as seem-less as possible. THIS is the experience you can have if you got to STEAMER CLEANERS.
I searched high and low to find a place to clean / press my precious wedding gown and kept being overwhelmed by anxiety / lack of trust with my options. That is until I found Steamer Cleaners.

kasey S

“I can’t say enough good things about this establishment. From the kind workers, (shoutout to Daisy and Veronica) to the snacks and the high quality products used to clean my clothes, this place is hands down the best. My clothes look brand new and I even had a zipper fixed on a child dress that looks better and more durable than it ever did! I will be back! Congrats to Steamer for being a reliable and just fantastic business!! Love them!!!”

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